Quality Control

Our products are standardized to contain specific quantities of cannabinoids and to ensure that they are free from microbiological contaminations, from pesticides and herbicides and from heavy metals. We lab test all our products to ensure quality and consistency. We test our products on a third party laboratory that is properly certified under European strict guide lines.

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Why do we make public our test lab results? Recently, there’s been a lack of trust on Cannabidiol based products, due to misleading companies acts. Some of this companies wore selling products containing little to none CBD, which they were falsely advertising as containing CBD. Some of this companies wore lacking good practices during the production, making it a public danger. We advise you to buy from companies that are tested by a third party lab, where you can confirm their results.

ONOL products contains only the decarboxylated form of Cannabinoids. This is due to the previous heat treatment we apply in order to obtain the neutral form of CBD instead of the acidic form, which possesses less therapeutic value. We analyse the presence of the following neutral cannabinoids: CBD, CBG, THC and CBN.

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Currently there’s no specific legislation on Hemp plague control. Some crops are used mainly for hemp fiber production and in this crops this issue may not present a real problem to human health. On the other hand, crops intended to human consumption may be under scrutiny and properly controlled for the pesticides and other chemicals presence. Some of this Human consumption destinated crops are using chemicals in a reasonable and in the best intended way, so much that the used chemicals are undetectable, in normal circumstances, in the final product. But when extracts are made, this values can rise, hence is very important to regularly analyse for the presence of pesticides and other chemicals.

Fungus and bacteria are everywhere. Some of this microorganisms pose a danger to humans. Hemp, like any other product, it’s prone to contain microorganisms. They can infect the products in any stage, from the cultivation process, drying, processing until packaging. With the microbial analysis it’s possible to know the total amount of microbes present in the final product and assess the overall quality. It’s also important to check for the presence of dangerous microorganisms capable of damaging human health, like E. Coli.

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Our products are tested for Cannabinoids at Fundación CANNA, which is a non profitable company that studies the cannabis plant. This foundation provides financial investment for congresses, initiatives and clinical studies dedicated to the progress of the investigation of cannabinoids uses.

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