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Frequently Asked Questions

I wan't to know more about CBD. Where can i find information about CBD?

Onol provides a dedicated page about CBD studies and information. You can find more information in 'About CBD' page. There, we've compiled and sorted some studies published on PubMed at ncbi. All the information retained in 'About CBD' page is properly credited to their authors.

CBD is a natural constituent of Hemp Oil and hemp products are considered to be food-based by the FDA. As such, there are no restrictions on the production, sale and consumption of CBD in the United States and Europe. CBD is legal in over 40 different countries and the number of CBD consumers is constantly on the rise with more and more studies showing the benefits of cannabidiol

No, hemp oil contains mainly CBD, a compound which does not make the consumer feel high. Instead, hemp oil helps the consumer keep a clear mind and maintain an active lifestyle.

Hemp oil can be consumed as a health supplement. We provide a dedicated page with research information supported by it’s author papers. Go to ‘About CBD’ section and check if CBD can help you.

Unlike marijuana, hemp contains extremely low levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the compound in marijuana responsible for the designated ‘high’.

Other FAQs

About Cannabidiol

Nothing will happen other than a light mental sedation. Big doses (over 600 mg) can cause some light to middle mental sedation.

CBD can be consumed by people of all age, although we advise to keep it way from children under 5.

Go to ‘About CBD’ and learn if CBD can help you.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

You should never interrupt a doctor prescribed treatment.

Ask your doctor if you can use CBD in conjunction with your medicine

There’s no scientific registered case where CBD, for itself, cured cancer.

Although, some research suggest that CBD have implications on cancer development and growth.

Go to ‘About CBD’ and learn more.

Never take any active compound while pregnant/breastfeeding unless you doctor tells you to.

You can and should ask him is opinion on this subject.

Product Info

On each product page you’ll find information regarding to the product, which will help you to choose the best product for you.

Yes. Our products are all under the legal limit of thc for the countries we export.

Our batches are tested for all major phytocannabinoids present on hemp extract, pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals and residual solvents by a third party laboratory properly certified. Our products are also tested for microbial contaminations.

All our products are pesticides, herbicides and fungicides free.

Yes, all our products are Vegan friendly.

Yes, all our products are gluten free.

There’s no need to refrigerate our products in order to maintain them secure and with steady concentration of CBD.

About my order

If the package doesn’t arrive in a reasonable timespan, we will send you another one.

To return a product please contact us to info@onol.com. The product must unopened in order to receive a full refund.

We’ll ship all orders placed before 4 pm (local time).

Fees can be calculated on the cart using the shipping calculator.

You will normally receive your ONOL product within 3 to 5 working days.

Our products can take a bit longer to reach you, if you’re living in Canada or Australia (up to 2-3 weeks).

Please be aware of custom fees and laws from your country before you place an order.

ONOL makes paying easy with any of the following methods. All payments take place in a secure environment with our payment service provider.

ONOL accepts payment with MasterCard or Visa. This is how you pay online: simply enter your credit card number, its expiry date and the 3-digit security code (CVC code) on the back of the card on our provider’s payment page.

ONOL offers the possibility of paying by bank transfer (also through internet banking). After having placed your order, you’ll receive our banking information.

For speeding up a purchase process using payment by bank transfer, please send us the payment proof, otherwise you’ll need to wait to 4 days for us to get your payment.

Unfortunately PayPal pals don’t understand the value of CBD supplements and don’t allow transactions involving CBD products.